We are a wedding photography studio that provide comfortable and casual environment for newlyweds, couples and other customers to take their photos. With extraordinary features like full flow of natural light and gorgeously designed themes, we are confident to bring brand new indoor photographing experience to our customers.


All the themes are specially designed by professional setting designer. With perfect choice on decor, furniture and colour schemes, Secret Place does not just provide stunning backgrounds but favourable space for couples to show their love and delight in their photos.


Besides, setting in each theme can be arranged according to the desires and needs of customers, reflecting their own style in the photos. With various impressive props we prepared, from antique furniture to cute cartoon headgear, customers can decide on the decoration style of the themes according to their preference.


Aiming at bringing first-class service to our customers, the studio will exclusively serve one particular customer, or a particular pair or group of customers, in each session. The studio will become your private, secret place to enjoy your unforgettable photographing moment without any disturbance.